Peace Action, Peace Satisfaction

peasePeace Action, Peace Satisfaction
December 2009

The youth project Peace Action, Peace Satisfaction is led by Angelus Silesius House, non governmental organization and educational centre from Wroclaw, Poland. Going through the different perception of peace – from the individual inner peace to the global peace, the project tries to build common understanding, while at the same time encourages, provokes and empowers for an action.

“Peace Action, Peace Satisfaction” it is a youth exchange organized in the framework of Youth in Action Programme, that gathered in Wroclaw 36 young people from 7 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Egypt, Jordan, Latvia and Poland. The aim of the project was to learn about and understand culture of peace and the concept of positive peace, to promote values like: respect, diversity, equality, nonviolence and mutual understanding and develop creative ways of promotion of peace.

The project involves over 35 young people from Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Jordan. The project received funding from the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission. More information: Peace Action-Peace Satisfaction