Всички програми, инициативи и проекти на сдружението

We are on the long road

April 2012 – December 2012

Тhis project has been run since 2000, enabling young Roma from different European countries to meet. The name ‘We are on the long way’ is based on a Roma legend “about their people wandering all over the world. After the death of their king the Roma people wandered all over the world until they reached a crossroads where they could not agree which direction to take. As they were quarrelling they broke a big mirror symbolizing the Roma nation.

All that remained of the mirror were pieces of broken glass that Roma carried everywhere. Legend has it that once the pieces are joined again to make a mirror, the Roma will be united again in one nation.” This legend is a unifying element in the annual gathering, enabling young Roma to get to know thoroughly their culture, history and language and establish international contacts. Since 2008 the concept of the summer school has been changed. The summer school is the part of the World Roma Festival KHAMORO. Partners in the program are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy and Lithuania.


April 2012 – December 2012

The exchange rises up the theme of fighting with youth unemployment by underlining how important it is to plan carrier already when you are young. The partnership is formed from: Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Russian Federation, Armenia and Ukraine.

The Project touches the theme of youth exclusion due to level of unemployment in temporary times. By different activities that are plan during 8 days of youth exchange together with young people we would show that participation and involvement in eg. local initiatives or voluntary service ” change in life” is possible.

Seminar touches theme of youth exclusion and discrimination caused by the ethnicity (Roma background) and luck of work in labour market. During the project we plan to exchange good practices between organizations coming from EU, EECA, SEE and possible solutions of the problems connected with young Roma. We will use methods of non – formal education (simulation game, workshops, discussions, group work, brainstorming, meetings) to increase the cooperation between partner and work out possible common solutions of methods of getting involved young Roma into labour market. We wish to meet as well with the representatives of public administration to share good practice that are taken in other countries especially in the field of WORKING WITH ROMA YOUTH. We are willing to implement this project to improve work of organizations but as well local administration to exchange good practices and initiatives, to plan future cooperation between partners.

Community network for access to services of Roma women

gender1-960x500Community network for access to services of Roma women
September 2011 – March 2012

LIDER Association and Pakiv European Network are partnering in the project “Community network for access to services of Roma women”. The present project is aims ton introduce to the young Roma family from Blagoevgrad region the work of the local institutions and structures. The project has specific focus on the Roma women issues.

The idea is that the man in the family should get to know more deeply about the problems, faced by the Roma women both within the society and out of it. The activities of the project includes: seminar for the young families (topics: equality, education, healthcare, domestic violence, trafficking), local visits to some of the institutions, relevant to the social inclusion of Roma; elaborating brochure, final closing event with institutions and local Roma leaders; and video clips with interviews of Roma women. The project is financed by Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe and Open Society Institute – Sofia. – More info

Ignoring the Past is Condeming the Future

ignoringIgnoring the Past is Condeming the Future
October 2010 – September 2011

“Ignoring the past condemning the future” is an International Educational Program for young people, co- funded by European Commission within the framework of Action 4. Program- Active European Remembrance, run by NGO United Society of Balkans from Thessaloniki, in cooperation with youth organizations from Bulgaria (PEN), Romania and F.Y.R.O.M.
Project will last until the end of July, and will be accomplished by 4- days international conference with participation of foreign partners.

We aim to involve particularly students, and persons with special interest on history of II World War, politics and human rights. Anyone interested in cooperating on the project, at any of its stages, is welcome to contact us and learn how may he/ she get involved. More information about the project and its activities you can find at: “Ignoring the Past – Condeming the Future”

Young Voices of Europe

YVE logo finalYoung Voices of Europe
October 2010 – September 2011

The YVE project promotes and celebrates the role of voluntary active citizenship amongst youth, especially Roma and other minorities, in furthering values of human rights, social inclusion and intercultural understanding within Europe. The project engages around 45 young people from Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Romania for joint learning, exchange, reflection and cross border action. The aim of the project include:
- better understanding of the existing practices, challenges and impact of volunteerism amongst Roma and other minority youth, in overall efforts to promote social inclusion, intercultural understanding and human rights.
- highlight how volunteer active citizenship has served as method for breaking apathy, building new skills and perspectives, becoming social change agent and accessing broader opportunities for formal and informal learning, amongst Roma and other minority youth;
- capacity building of participating Roma and non-Roma youth volunteers for using New Media techniques to promote their causes related to intercultural understanding, social inclusion and human rights;
- a greater sense of Europe identity through networking, learning, parallel and joint actions amongst marginalized youth in “New” and “Old” European Union member states. The project is funded by Europe for Citizens’ Program of the Education and Culture DG. More information: Young Voices of Europe

Balkan heART

Balkan_HeART_Tshirt-copy3Balkan heART
February 2010 – May 2010

“Balkan heART” is a youth exchange, which aims at creating a common vision of the Balkans, based on cultural diversity and lead by United Societies of Balkans – Greece. The project will bring about 35 young people from 8 Balkan countries where PEN is country partner. “Balkan heART” offers to young people the chance and the space to explore cultural similarities and differences between the Balkan countries and to understand the importance of respecting cultural diversity in the Balkans.

Mutual understanding, tolerance, cooperation and solidarity are the necessary skills that youth has to be provided with, in order to strengthen social cohesion within Europe and the European Union. The participants will have the opportunity to present their cultures, exchange information on different aspects of their lives and express themselves through various methods of non-formal education as well as through artistic activities, like wax, photo and graphic arts, radio, making jewelries and creative writing workshops! Basic knowledge around these arts will be provided to the participants during the programme and art will be used a tool for social integration. More information: Balkan heArt