Всички програми, инициативи и проекти на сдружението

Let the monkey in your head go surfin’

letthemonkyLet the monkey in your head go surfin’
February 2010 – July 2010

This international artistic youth exchange lead by Amaro Drom-Berlin, creates an unlimited space of creativity for 42 young Roma and non-Roma from 6 European countries (Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Germany). PEN is one of the country partners and during the 7 days the young people will create their own story and vision based on a wide range of artistic methods, including impro theatre, mask theatre, stick fighting/theatre dance, and theatre of rhythm/music.

This European Theatre Adventure ambitiously approaches with new methods the artistic and intercultural dialogue between European countries, between Roma and non-Roma. Comparable to the European motto “United in diversity” we create a group dynamic, which perceives the diversity of languages, cultures, identities and forms of artistic expressions as strength. Using art action as a tool, we promote our philosophy of intercultural dialogue, antiracism and the inclusion of minorities to a broad public. More information: Amaro Drom

Be the change

bethechangeBe the change
April 2010 – June 2010

This project Be the change is financed by the Youth in Action program and lead by Club for Youth Empowerment – Nis, Serbia. The exchange will gather together 20 young people from Bulgaria and Serbia. The main aim of the project is to build capacity of Roma and non-Roma youth in Serbia and Bulgaria, promote culture of human rights, focusing on women’s rights, and improve activism of young people on local level.

The 7-days long exchange will provide the youth with the opportunity to discuss gender equality in Serbia and Bulgaria, with the special focus on Roma girls and women. It will empower the youth from both countries to become more active in their communities in this area. It will also allow them to learn about each other’s cultures and countries. It will provide intercultural learing too, because the group will be mixed consisting of Bulgarians, Serbs and Roma from both countries.

Finally, at structual level, it will build capacity of the organizations partnering in the exchange and will give a chanel to exchange good practices and further networking.

Peace Action, Peace Satisfaction

peasePeace Action, Peace Satisfaction
December 2009

The youth project Peace Action, Peace Satisfaction is led by Angelus Silesius House, non governmental organization and educational centre from Wroclaw, Poland. Going through the different perception of peace – from the individual inner peace to the global peace, the project tries to build common understanding, while at the same time encourages, provokes and empowers for an action.

“Peace Action, Peace Satisfaction” it is a youth exchange organized in the framework of Youth in Action Programme, that gathered in Wroclaw 36 young people from 7 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Egypt, Jordan, Latvia and Poland. The aim of the project was to learn about and understand culture of peace and the concept of positive peace, to promote values like: respect, diversity, equality, nonviolence and mutual understanding and develop creative ways of promotion of peace.

The project involves over 35 young people from Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Jordan. The project received funding from the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission. More information: Peace Action-Peace Satisfaction

Different People – One Europe!

coverDifferent People – One Europe!
January 2009 – July 2010

The overall aim of this project is to promote intercultural understanding and dialogue as well as respect for diversity. The idea of this proposal is motivated by our desire to enable local networks from Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark and Hungary to take actions to combat harmful stereotypes and negative perceptions. It will provide a dynamic framework for local grass-roots and community based organisations and networks in the participating countries to take actions to combat harmful stereotypes and negative images of the Roma community and vice versa.

In the first part of the project, activities focus on gaining broad support for the initiative in each participating country, identifying strategies to take action against racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, and building capacities of local organizations and networks to take action. The local actions are envisaged to be in the form of campaigns, sports tournaments, development and dissemination of information/educational materials for schools, dialogue workshops at schools, universities, and short documentary films and photo exhibitions by Roma and non-Roma youth to document the state of the environment in their localities, concerts and public events.

The project is financed by the Fundamental Rights Program of DG Justice. More information: One Europe!

Collorful Action Against Prejudice

colorful_actionCollorful Action Against Prejudice
01 November 2008- 30 June 2009

The project main aim is to stimulate intercultural dialogue on different cultures and mutual understanding among the young people from four countries and both ethnic backgrounds and create a peasfull environment through common actions.

The project seeks to break down the stereotypes, to broaden our horizon and see the diversity as enrichment for our life and society. The ten days exchange will take place in Sevliewo town, Bulgaria with 24 youths from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. The exchange will provide space for exchanging knowledge on diversity management and intercultural cohesion, mutual understanding, human rights, active citizenship involving young people in its management.

The project invests in changing mentalities and building skills for communication in multiethnic environment. This project is implemented with the financial support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission, administrated in Bulgaria by National Center “European Youth Programs and Initiatives”.

European Citizenship – Equal Opportunities – Intercultural Understanding

fact_sheet_coverEuropean Citizenship – Equal Opportunities – Intercultural Understanding
August 2007 – June 2008

The project engages civic actors and other stakeholders from three European countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany) who will articulate, share experiences and reflections on the tools, methods and factors for encouraging active European citizenship, equal opportunities and intercultural understanding amongst Roma and in relation to other ethnic groups.

Special attention will be made toward disadvantaged youth, women’s NGOs and Roma women activists who face several barriers to participation. Other special attention will be made toward NGOs in Germany dealing with issues of Roma origin refugees. In-country and transnational workshops, publications and websites will serve as a democratic space for expression, learning and transformation where Roma and non-Roma actors can construct European identities, build and promote self-esteem, participate in citizen actions, learn about their rights, identify areas for transnational activism, and make decisions regarding the future of their societies.

The project is funded under ” Europe for Citizens’ Program” of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.