Всички програми, инициативи и проекти на сдружението

Transnational Learning on Local Partnerships

policy-coverTransnational Learning on Local Partnerships
January 2006 – March 2007

In considering the issue of social exclusion of Roma (Gypsies), the program takes into consideration a number of different factors and causalities. These included segregated education and low educational attainment levels, low level skills and introduction of competitive labor markets, settlement in poverty pockets in disadvantaged regions, substandard housing and infrastructure, poor health, unequal access to information, and widespread prejudice and discrimination.

The program employs a bottom-up approach to facilitate and identify local participatory mechanisms for combating exclusion amongst Roma. A series of transnational exchanges among local partners from different member and candidate countries was used to promote learning on the practical implementation of policies and practices. These included a study trip to the UK to learn about different public and private experiences combating social exclusion, two cross-country exchanges amongst local authorities and Roma representatives from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, and an international seminar in Germany.

The program has been funded under the Second Transnational Exchange Program to Combat Social Exclusion, of the European Commission DG Employment, Social Affiars and Equal Opportunities.

European Citizenship and Diversity: Roma’s contribution past and present

Copy-of-logo-PENEuropean Citizenship and Diversity: Roma’s contribution past and present
March 2006 – March 2007

This is a transnational project to promote active citizenship and European values of tolerance, non-discrimination and diversity in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. The project is co-funded by the European Commission, and represents an ongoing partnership among persons and organizations engaged in the Pakiv program.

The main activities of the project included:
1) Carrying out interviews with active Roma citizens and publishing a report on Roma’s contribution to the development European values and principles in their societies
2) International conference “European Citizenship and Diversity: Roma’s contribution-past and present”
3) Producing and disseminating Citizen Reference Packs (cd-rom and text) to serve as a resource for promoting common European identity and greater understanding of the concept of active citizenship using Roma, as positive examples. The project is co-funded by the European Commission.