Mob GAE Project

Mob GAE – Mobility as source of Growth, Autonomy and Employability
1480505_1435867323314296_1593625262_nPEN is country partner of the project, which aims: to evaluate and disseminate the impact of international mobility experiences, in the frame of EU programmes, in a longitudinal perspective of a group of 2.500 former participants, concerning their personal and professional development and their awareness as European Citizens; to disseminate and exploit existing case stories, good practices, positive changes among the ex participants, the partners within and outside the consortium (enterprises, public institutions, NGOs), acting as promoters, hosting, sending and intermediary partners, interested in improving the quality of their work.
The specific objectives of the project proposal are:

  • to capitalize the value of the international mobility experiences as a tool for learning and personal and professional development;
  • to value international mobility experiences as a tool to stimulate self-awareness in term of active citizenship and participation to the community development with own activities and actions;
  • to improve the tutoring and mentoring practices and tools of the mobility experiences, considering them learning processes in which participants should plan their learning paths accordingly to the personal and professional objectives;
  • to stimulate the recognition of competences at the end of a mobility experiences, in accordance with the ECVET system;
  • to promote the best use of the results valorising successful case stories, good practices, changes among the organisations of the consortium, the promoters/hosting partners involving enterprises, public institutions, NGOs, policy makers, general public
  • to actively inform a large public on the EU mobility programmes thanks to the past experiences made by individuals and organisations;
  • to actively reinforce the intercultural dialogue and actions in partners multicultural societies in order to foster rights, European citizenship and social cohesion processes
  • to improve the co-operation among the different stakeholders of the mobility fields in order to improve the quality of the experiences and the links between education, training, job market.

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