VIP’s in Action

vipsVIPs in Action
March 2013 – May 2014

The VIPs in action project is about inclusion and empowerment of youth with fewer opportunities with competences in order to enter the labour market and to provide support, motivation and knowledge to their peers. The objectives are the following:
• explore needs of youth with fewer opportunities and based on them build up system of peer to peer activities for engagement of young people
• 2.explore existing methods of engaging young people with fewer opportunities or excluded young people and to create a system of activities using peer to peer methods and foster participation, initiative, creativity and life learning competences of those youth who never participated in NFE
• 3.create system of peer to peer engagement (with the participation and facilitation of the young people-VIP)to the Labour Market
• 4.empowering youth with fewer opportunities as active citizens by providing space and methodological support for them for creation of empowering peer-to-peer activities and to provide space to evaluate these activities, receive feedback and plan future common activities in order to become VIP (very involved peer)
• 5.Moreover, to involve these youngsters in the training course and the Youth Exchange to foster learning mobility, intercultural experience and gain tolerant attitudes among youth from different cultures
• explore realities, exchange experience of the youth workers on the subject and create new methods that foster participation and fill in gap between Youth organizations and Youth with fewer opportunities that don’t have motivation to participate in NFE activities
• 7. prepare peer to peer facilitators(VIPs) who will work with youth with fewer opportunities on the local level and serve as  multipliers of NFE among their peers
• evaluate together with youngsters the methods and tools developed within the project
• be the same peers who plan and coordinate the follow up of the project on the same subject(Youth Initiative, Youth  exchange, …), using their new skills gained during this project
• far as partners concern, to build up a strong and quality partnership, exchange good practices and learn from each other about the topic, to develop a new tool for inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities and disseminate it Europe wide, and to plan more collaborations for the future