We are on the long way 2013

khamoro_uvod_englickyWe are on the long way 2013
May 2013

The international youth meeting “We Are on the Long Way” is Slovo 21’s long-term activity. The goal of these meetings is to help young Roma find their position in the society while strengthening their own identity. A one-week meeting helps participants with learn more about their culture, traditions and history.

For the 7th time, the project was organized as a part of the World Roma Festival Khamoro, so the rich programme of the exchange was enriched with visits of festival events. Young Roma had opportunities to meet leaders of international Roma organizations and world-known artists, and to listen to their messages and advice.

The programme of workshops was set to boost cooperation among young people. Besides team-building activities, there were workshops informing about the life of Roma in the respective countries. Other workshops attempted to discover and encourage participants’ Romany identity – to present Roma culture as part of European and world cultural heritage, a meaningful, significant culture each member of the community can be proud of. The theoretical programme was closed with an activism workshop, which aimed to discuss various ways of being active and contributing to public discussions about social topics such as coexistence of Roma and majority community.